Championships 2023

Club Champion 2023

Winner of the inaugural Penny Price Perpetual Trophy

Congratualtions to Tessa Killmister, our winner and to the Runner Up Fiona Harvey.

The Club Championships are played over the first 3 weeks of September. Each round is a Stroke round and we play for:

  • the Club Champion, the best cumulative gross score over 3 rounds.
  • B and C Champions, the best cumulative gross score within B & C Grade competitors over 3 rounds.
  • the Betty Montgomery Nett Trophy, the best cumulative nett score regardless of grade over 3 rounds.
  • The Pat Hughes Putting Trophy, the lowest cumulative number of putts regardless of grade over 3 rounds.

The grading for A, B & C Grades is based on Daily Handicap and the grading ranges are as follows:

  • A Grade 0 – 26
  • B Grade 27 – 34
  • C Grade 35 – 45

The 9 Hole Championship is played as an ungraded Stableford event. The 9 Hole Champion will be the one with the best cumulative Stableford points over the 2 rounds.

This years Championship Format

The Match Committee has agreed on the following eligibility for 2023:

  • To be eligible for the Club Championships, a Member MUST be financial for the previous 3 months ( June, July and August), and MUST have returned at least one completed 18 hole card for 3 of the 4 months leading up to the Championships OR have a leave of absence. This card will be a completed 18 hole Stroke, Stableford, Par or Margaret King event in Club competition.
  • The Championships will be decided on the best 2 out of the 3 rounds.
  • The Championships will be played in handicap order.