Playing Handicap

A player’s GA Handicap is that displayed by the Golf Australia website. The Handicap Look-up functionality can be found at the top of all pages of the website. The GA Handicap is not intended for use as a playing handicap.
It is to be used in conjunction with the Slope rating of the set of tees being played to calculate the player’s handicap for the day, this is known as the Daily Handicap.

2024 Daily Handicap Grades
A Grade0 – 29
B Grade30 – 38
C Grade39 plus


The Stableford Handicapping Adjustment (SHA) requires that a player, when playing a stroke round, will record both the stroke and stableford score for each hole.

The Stroke score will be the competition score and the stableford score will be used for handicapping.

GA Handicap System

Find out about the GA Handicap System on the GA website.